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How It All Started

How It All Started

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Where It Began

Our journey began with a simple dream, the desire to experience that enchanting first ride in a hot air balloon. Little did we know that this initial flight would ignite a deep passion for flying and an unwavering dedication to turning others’ dreams into reality. In the world of ballooning, there’s a common saying – your first flight is always the most affordable, as the second often involves owning your balloon.

This sentiment rings true for our owner and chief pilot, Heather Watkins, and her eldest daughter, Lilly. Their incredible journey led them to rigorous training and countless hours in the sky, resulting in their FAA Commercial Lighter Than Air (LTA) pilot certifications. But our love for ballooning extends beyond personal achievement; we are dedicated to bringing joy to the ballooning community and beyond. Born and raised in Utah, we proudly represent a family-owned and operated business.

Kevin and Heather’s third child is currently a student pilot, and the youngest eagerly awaits the age to follow in their footsteps. Over the past five years, we’ve used our balloons to spread smiles and lift spirits in communities across the western United States, as well as in multiple states, Australia, and Mexico. When it comes to your safety and enjoyment, we spare no expense. We take pride in maintaining a flawless safety record, diligently staying updated on the latest safety measures and regulations through yearly training.

Both of our pilots hold Class II medical certifications, now a mandatory requirement for all commercial hot air balloon pilots carrying passengers. As active members of the Balloon Federation of America, we stay connected to the heart of ballooning.

Today, we are delighted to be the longest-running hot air balloon company in the St. George area. We’re here to share the wonder of ballooning with you, eager to create unforgettable moments together.

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